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"Change! Look around you, you idiot"
Animated and Directed: Robert Bradbrook
Written by: Ian Sellar
Music: Stuart Hilton
Sound design: Barnaby Templer at Fonics
Editorial support: Martin Brinkler
Produced by: Casey Herbert
DJ Pete is going to shakes things up! Arriving on a small tranquil island, he causes a stir amongst the insular locals with his fresh and irreverent radio show. Only one islander, Laura, welcomes this outsider with open arms. 

Dead Air is an atmospheric digital animation, that tells it's story through the interplay of the dynamic coastal scenery and Pete's radio phone-ins. When a new bridge threatens the resident's idea of what their island should be, we discover that communities are always evolving and no-one is immune to change.

The beautiful animation is interwoven with live-action performances from the actors
Jonah Russell and Victoria Bewick.