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2011's Showreel

Watch the latest showreel on Vimeo

Portfolio Gallery

Images from twelve years of commercial work

Representation for Comercials

Lord of Barbes
Represent Robert in France

Z Animation
Represent Robert in the USA          


Work Portfolio

Since 1994, Robert has been providing animation for film, advertising and new media. Many varied examples of his work can be seen in the Portfolio Gallery and on his latest latest Showreel.

Film Production
With budgets becoming ever tighter for feature and short films, it good to know that you can find Soho production services at a fraction of their costs.

Robert has been helping film makers to visual there ideas with:
01 Animated and Title sequences 02 Digital Composition  03 Treated and Graded shots
04 Camera mappings


Clients include: Momentum Pictures, Visa, Ogilvy & Mather Ltd, Nokia, AA Publishing, Museum of the Moving Image/Disney, Fitch, BT, Notting Hill Electronic Publishing, Attica, Routledge Publications, Campbell's, Hexcel Composites, Johnson Matthey, McGraw-Hill, Chubb Fire/Kidde Thorn, Junior Geo...
Camera Maping: Low res image taken from the web is map onto simple geometry and re-lite and animated for film resolution. This examble show Peter Sutcliffe house.  

"extraordinary vision" Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent

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